Your Plumbing May Have Leaks You’re Unaware Of

We’ll detect and repair the leaks in your San Diego, CA home

Leaking pipes and gas lines are hidden dangers that can occur in any home. It’s often difficult to know where to find leaks, and that’s where we come in. Quick Repair Quick Rooter can detect leaks in your San Diego, CA home. We also provide the following services:
Drain leak
Drain line cleaning
Drain line repair
Gas leak
Leak detection
Leak remediation
Leak repair
Plumbing services
Water heater installation
Water leak

We’ll find and mitigate leaks to prevent further damage in your home.

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3 consequences of leaking pipes in your home

If you’re concerned you may have leaking pipes, it’s important to address them as soon as possible. Here are a few issues a leaking pipe can cause in your home:

  1. Leaking pipes can lead to growth of mold, which can affect your health
  2. Leaking pipes can cause water damage, affecting the structure of your home
  3. Leaking pipes can cause you to waste thousands of gallons of water per year

Consult with Quick Repair Quick Rooter about your gas or pipe leak concerns.